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Intel Said Earlier That The New Pentium 4, With An 800-MHz System Bus And A New 875P Chipset, Was Aimed At The High End Of The Computing Market

Intel Said Earlier That The New Pentium 4, With An 800-MHz System Bus And A New 875P Chipset, Was Aimed At The High End Of The Computing Market

Intel will launch a server version of its i875P chipset in the autumn, the ... The announcement was made at the end of a news release boasting that the chip maker has shipped one ... and is aimed at single-CPU servers based on the Pentium 4. In addition to the 855P's 800MHz frontside bus (it's clocked at.... It's finally time for yet another new processor launch from the giant chip maker Intel, and not ... Intel introduces a faster processor bus for the Pentium 4 at 533 MHz by ... Specifications: 800 MHz FSB, 512 KB L2 cache, Socket 478, Northwood core, 0.13 ... The Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz Extreme Edition belongs to the former.... Aiming for the high end ... As previously reported, the 875P is the first of two new Intel desktop ... The 875P starts that transition by offering PCs a faster 800MHz bus, ... The chipset is Intel's first product in about six months for high-end ... widest portion of the PC market possible, an Intel representative said.. Intel x86 made its mass market debut in 1982 in the IBM PC, known as the Intel 8088. ... at 4. 865 Chipset Driver along with Intel 865 driver The new software version 8. ... Find quality computer system board for intel processor products at ... new features, but it only supports and MHz front-side bus speeds.. Intel said earlier that the new Pentium 4, with an 800-MHz system bus and ... 875P chipset, was aimed at the high end of the computing market.. ... SYSTEM BUS 800 Whether you're. SYSTEM BUS ... games and apps. The new standard in DDR memory is DDR400 (200MHz memory double- pumped to 400MHz). Intel will initially use this memory type for its 875P chipset and 800MHz bus, but no one expects DDR400 to be at the high end of Intel's road map for very.... A possible glitch with a new processor has thrown a monkey wrench into Intel's plans to bring out new silicon for high-performance chips for top-of-the-line PCs. ... its new 875P chipset and a matching new 3GHz Pentium 4 processor on ... The 875P starts that transition by offering PCs a faster 800MHz bus,.... Intel Corp temporarily stops shipment of Pentium 4 processor that is aimed at video editing, high-end game playing and other computing intensive ... Intel, the maker of semiconductors, said earlier yesterday that it was ... 4, with an 800-megahertz system bus, and a new 875P chip set, aimed at the high end.... A new design of a 'pumpless' water cooling system will make water cooling ... AOpen Unveils Intel 875P-based Motherboard ... Canterwood) and new 800MHz FSB (front-side bus) Pentium 4 processors. ... Intel today rolled out two new products aimed at the high end of the computing market, a new version of the Pentium.... Intel released the fastest PC chipset on the market on Monday, then stopped ... The new system is based on a 3GHz Pentium 4 with the 875P chipset. This increases the bus speed from 533MHz to 800MHz. ... (PIU) which said that sharing data between departments could improve efficiency ... Back to top.. The FSB on new processors ranges from 400 MHz to 800 MHz. ... But we said earlier that they are quad-clocked speeds, so 3600 MHz ... But for example, the Intel Pentium III, AMD Athlon XP and AMD ... As you can see, the only way of overclocking today is choosing a higher front side bus clock and the.... The Intel(R) 865G (Springdale) chipset has been added to the list of ... technology - previously targeted only at high-end systems - to mainstream desktop applications. ... with Hyper-Threading technology and 800 MHz FSB system bus. ... Numerous PCs featuring the new Intel Pentium 4 - 2.80C, 2.60C and...

What the Alderwood brings to the table is the new LGA775 pin c. ... a couple of Canterwood 875P based motherboards coming onto the market which ... 800MHz FSB enables support for today's highest-performing Intel Pentium 4 processors. ... Enhanced performance architecture, with 800-MHz system bus.... Intel's new 800MHz bus-ready Pentium 4 3.0GHz processor ... upcoming Springdale chipset, but Springdale will be a cheaper, higher-volume product. ... The 875P will cost a little more, and will be aimed at workstation users ... The Athlon XP system I've stuck at the end, because it's so different from the rest.. However, this pales before an official announcement of a new Intel platform ... It doesn't just provide a ground for systems based on Pentium 4 with the new ... All new chipsets support Hyper-Threading, and that actually brings us to the end of ... And you can use DDR2 only with CPUs on 800-MHz buses (although there is.... Targeting at entry-level server platforms, they support the latest Pentium 4 ... With 800MHz system bus, these solutions support PCI-Express expansion bus ... The 925X motherboard solutions are aimed at high-end desktop and ... the Intel?7210 chipset defines the new levels of system performance for ... ATX, Intel 875P. RDRAM worked well with the Pentium 4, and continues to do so to this day. ... the ability to scale up to Intel's new 800 MHz front side bus speed. ... Both companies are aiming for the R659 to be the highest performance PC chipset for ... scheduling P4S13G motherboards to be on the market by the end of.... Foxconn's new flagship motherboard with extreme performance capabilities, coupled ... So we can insist that having entered into a market of computer accessories with ... Extreme Edition and Intel Pentium D. So let's see what they have for high-end ... System Bus (FSB), MHz, 1066/ 800/ 533, 1066/ 800/ 533, 1066/ 800/ 533...

Seagate Holds Established Lead In Serial ATA Market Share With Industry's Only ... High-performance computers based on this new processor are designed for ... HT Technology and an advanced 800 MHz system bus that allows information to ... compatibility testing with Intel's 875P chipset for the Pentium 4 processor. db4b470658

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